Welcome to Oriental Rug Gallery in Nottingham

Our products are at wholesale price because we are one of a handful direct importers of Persian rugs in England. We source the rugs ourselves. By cutting out the middleman, we are confident in offering the best quality at the most competitive price.

We sourced our rugs with everybody’s needs in mind. We have rugs for all, whether you are after a delicate silk rug or a rustic and hardwearing Shiraz.

We are honest and open about the pricing of rugs. Each rug is carefully labeled with the most competitive price. Our proud owner promises “If you can find the same rug of similar quality and pattern anywhere else for less money, you can keep the rug and your money!”

Every one of us is passionate about rugs. In our eyes, rugs are much more than carpets on the floor. Instead, they are cultural artifacts, they are art works and they are live representation of thousands of years of history. Each rug is unique; it is weaved and cared for by the weaver and his/her family. Each rug tells a story. A story of the artist, a story of the region, the history and culture. Our senior expert has over twenty years experience in sourcing and selling rugs. Our sale staff has studied oriental rugs and she is well read in the subject.

Ultimately, we are here to introduce you into a wonderful world of rugs and the love and passion behind each piece.

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